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Picture Segment Description
Guess what Elmo's thinking about today?
Elmo's thinking about you, Mr. Foot! YAY!
Dorothy's Question
Dorothy wants to know how ou hop on eleven feet
The Noodle Family
Elmo attempts to wave hello to Mr. Noodle with his feet but it was difficult to wave with his feet. When Elmo fell down, Mr. Noodle helps Elmo straight up. Hearing Dorothy's question from Elmo, Mr. Noodle tap dances and jumps on both of his feet before he finally figures out how to hop on one foot.
Kids and Baby
Kids hop on one foot in the park and play hop scotch.
Elmo's Question
Elmo counts feet hopping on a tight-rope. An elephant's feet hops on a tightrope making a feet fall off.
Since Drawer has no feet, Elmo wants to know what else has feet. Caterpillars doesn't have feet, and dogs and cats have paws. Birds have feet like Big Bird. Elmo mentions that Dorothy doesn't have feet, but she has fins.
Video E-mail
Baby Bear shows off Curly Bear's feet.
Lol donual is prety dubm